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The UPCFA 2010 Art Fair was held yesterday, and man was it amazing! Students, alumni and some artists gathered together to exhibit their works. Being surrounded by such great artists in my school, it should not have been such a surprise to see great works, but it still was. It was my first time to attend and art fair like this- fun and very enriching. I was very inspired to improve my skills even more. Im so proud to be part of a college such as CFA!

My class, BLOCK Y, held an exhibit called CRAM at Rm T2. The theme was on line copies, continuous tone and combination. It was more of..do any artwork. HAHA.

(L-R:poster,almazan,solomon,sunga;rios,garcia,pinpin,marquez;cubillas and the last 3 were made by 2 other artists who joined our class)

Vaughn and Alon’s were my favorite amongst the artworks the were exhibited in our class.

Ate Panda’s artwork and Tal’s. AMAZING WATERCOLOR!

Here are the other very very awesome works by the CFA community:

some kind of sculpture? im not sure haha.



The students of Industrial Design made funky lamps! 

Foam & Paper Art!

I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s art fair. There are so much promising artists!

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